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Our Services

Shoe Sole Guard and Replacement

A sole guard is applied to extend the life of the original leather sole as well as decrease slippage. Our protective soles or sole guards are available in a variety of colors and materials. We also replace leather soles if needed or preferred in place of the sole guard.

Shoe Heel Repair and Replacement

The heel is the part at the back end of your shoe that meets the ground. Depending on the style of footwear, the heel can either be in rubber, leather, or a combination of both. We carry a variety of different materials, sizes, and colors to meet your specific needs.

Heel Types
  • Heel Plates
  • Rubber Heels
  • Leather Heels
  • Combination Heels

Shoe and Handbag Cleaning, Refinishing, and Shining

We hand clean all leather items from shoes, to handbags and more. Our cleaning products are made of natural, exotic and man-made materials and applied through a variety of different methods which may include dry cleaning or washing with water-based solvents. After the cleaning and conditioning process, your items may be treated with our water and stain repellent spray to further protect your items. For leather items, a colored or neutral polish is often applied after cleaning. If necessary, we will refinish the leather to match the original color. We also commonly clean and treat Ugg brand shoes and boots to prevent them from deteriorating due to the harsh environmental factors they encounter.

Shoe Heel & Shoe Toe Taps

The natural way we walk as humans slowly harms our toe’s region due to our weight and gravity and the spring we put on every step while walking. This constant grinding on the asphalt or pavement slowly but surely wears down the sole in that area, especially if you are a hard walker. Without a heel or toe tap installed, your nice shoes become greatly more susceptible to wear and damage.

Common Misconceptions
  1. Heel and Toe Taps make noise
    Heel taps may make noise especially if you are a hard walker; however, toe taps don’t make much noise (outside of tap dancing with them). Most are surprised after their first heel and toe tap installation at exactly how quiet they truly are and how little you hear them even when walking on concrete pavement. Modern heel and toe taps are now made of rubber (compared to the polyurethane version that dominated the market for decades). This rubber version is much quieter than its polyurethane predecessor.
  2. Heel and Toe Taps can harm my welt/channel stitch
    Again, this should not be a problem for an experienced cobbler/shoemaker. If the shoemaker does a sloppy job and cuts too deep into the sole, then it can expose the welt and/or channel stitching. This is also true if screws are used that are too long. However, this is a non-issue for an experienced shoemaker.
  3. Once I have worn the shoes, it is too late to have toe taps installed.
    A good cobbler or shoemaker can often build up your sole with leather and add shoe taps after the fact. We still recommend heel and toe tap installation on a brand-new pair of shoes. There is no better time than the present!

Leather & Suede Shoe Stretching

Shoe stretching works best on materials with the most “give” such as leather, suede, and other natural materials. Materials that are more plastic in nature such as vinyl, satin, and canvas are difficult to stretch. Please note that shoe stretching works well when your goal is to expand your shoe to have your foot fit more comfortably. Please note that if you are looking to stretch a size 8 to a size 10 then you do not need a shoe stretching service – you need a new shoe!

Common reasons you may require shoe stretching
  • Foot or feet swelling
  • Your feet land between two sizes
  • Bunions, corns, or other foot imperfections make your shoes painful to wear
  • You have outgrown an old pair of shoes
  • You purchased your shoes online and they are a hair too tight
  • You purchased your shoes on sale and they are too tight

Handbag Strap Repair and Replacement

How do you fix a strap for a bag, purse, satchel, or handbag?

Depending on the damage, your strap will either be repaired or need to be replaced. Most handbag strap repair jobs include replacing a broken piece of the strap or hardware, shortening the strap (usually due to leather damage), or using a luxury chain to extend the length of a damaged strap. As a good rule of thumb, if a strap is damaged and we cannot guarantee that your bag's weight will be supported by the repaired strap, we recommend replacing it with a new strap. We often find a great replacement that not only matches your handbag, but often restores and extends the life of an otherwise “retired” handbag. Customers commonly tell us that if they don’t get it repaired or replaced, they end up never using the bag!

Water and Stain Treatments and Guarding

For leather and suede goods (ranging from shoes, boots, purses, handbags, wallets, and more) we highly recommend getting them treated sooner rather than later. A quality shoe can last for decades if properly treated and maintained. Our water and stain treatments help to guard your shoes and handbags by offering a protective coat that decreases the risk of damage due to abrasions, scuff marks, creases, and other environmental factors. Obviously, no treatment product is going to fully product your items from all signs of wear and tear, but a properly treated leather product with undoubtedly help ensure your leather and suede goods age gracefully!

Brands We Service

Alden Alexander McQueen Alexander Wang Allen Edmonds Aquatalia Balenciaga Berluti Bottega Veneta Brian Atwood Brooks Brothers Burberry Carmina Chanel Chloe Church’s Cole Haan Crockett & Jones Fendi Frye Gianvito Rossi Giuseppe Zanotti Gucci Hermes Jimmy Choo John Lobb Longchamp Louboutin Louis Vuitton Magnanni Manolo Blahnik Marc Jacobs Miu Miu Moschino Prada Rag & Bone Roger Vivier Saint Laurent Salvatore Ferragamo Santoni Sergio Rossi Stuart Weitzman To Boot New York Tods Tom Ford Tory Burch Ugg Valentino Versace

For over 100 years, Rossi Shoe Service has offered a variety of designer shoe and handbag repair services to thousands of satisfied customers. Contact us today!

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